Stewardship Ministry


To emphasize God’s owerniship of all that we are, have, and possess by defining our role as stewards. To encourage faithful stewardship through the study of God’s word, and the integration of what we learn from our daily lives. To lead the church in embracing the full concept of stewardship in every phase of our live.


To assist the discovery and profitable use of our Time, Talents, Health, means, influence, and other gifts bestowed on us by God, throuh programs and feedbacks. 


Each member using the resources God has blessed them with to assist others and in Completing the work the Lord has entrusted to us. 


Stewardship is the lifestyle of one who accepts Christ’s lordship and walks in Parthership with God, acting as His agent in managing His affairs on earth. 

Stewarship began with God’s act of creating Adam and Eve in His own image.
With His personal touch, God established an intimate relationship and union with Humanity that was to be nutured in the intimacy of time spent together. This Shared image and shared intimacy are foundational to understanding the spirit and dynamics of biblical steawrdship. 

Department Head – Elder Lyman Harris
Assistant – Timothy Boswell