Sabbath School

Adventist Sabbath School, the general equivalent of Sunday Schools of other denominations, began in 1852 when James White wrote the first Sabbath School lessons.

Early Sabbath Schools had only two divisions, one for children and one for adults, called the Bible Class. In 1863, the first series of Sabbath School lessons adapted for children appeared. That same year the first adult Sabbath School lessons, written by Uriah Smith, an early Adventist pioneer, appeared in the Review and Herald.

Our Children’s division is very active in setting the pace for the spiritual and social growth of children under the age of 14 years old by creating class settings where they meet with adult teachers to discuss bible subjects that are essential to the training of their young minds and hearts.

There are also various classes for our youth, from early teens to college aged. There they meet in groups to discuss the lesson in very relevant ways that enhances their lives.

We have several Adult Sabbath School classes throughout the Church, including a New Believers class.