Personal Ministry Team

The Personal Ministry Department theme this year is “ Behold I have given you power” (Luke 10:1).
The Lord has called us and has empowered us by and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are called to be laborers with God to work for and on the behalf of fallen humanity (1Cor.3: 9).

We are a Department that takes the mission of our Lord very seriously (Matt.28: 19-20), this mission is to teach and to share the good news of Jesus and his power to change, transform, and save sinners.

Over the past ten months we have distributed over 6,000 pieces of literature, this includes tracks, bibles, and other religious books. We visit the people who live in the surrounding community of our Church, knocking on doors to share the good news of Jesus Christ and his soon return.

We’ve conducted several street meetings during the summer, proclaiming a Message of Hope at a time when many people in our country seems to be loosing hope. As we eagerly await the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we prayer that all who come in contact with us will catch the vision and tell others of our Lord and coming King.

Personal Ministries Leader