The Education Department at the Emmaus Seventh-day Adventist Church was created to promote Christian Education. We know that true education begins in the home where the parents teach their children to love and honor God in everything they do. We encourage our members to send their children to our Christian Schools.
We know for some parents a Christian Education is expensive; here at Emmaus we have created a Scholarship fund for our Elementary, Academy, and College Students. We have awarded thousands of dollars in the past and this trend will continue in the future. Our Elementary and Academy School student’s monthly tuition are subsidized by twenty-five percent (25%), our College students are awarded a yearly amount and are also involved in the three-way Scholarship Plan sponsored by our Conference. Presently we have eight students in Academy, sixteen students in Elementary, and six young adults in our Colleges.

In May or June of each year we present our yearly graduates by recognizing them in our worship service, presenting them with special gift and also having a special lunch for them. Once per year, we prepare and distribute care packages for our College students who are away at School. We give God the Glory in all that we do; we are encouraging all of you to support our children by your prayers and your funds.

Thank you,
Arlene Bosse

Education Secretary